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Welcome to Naples Sandpiper Bay Club.  Click on “About Us” to learn more about our condo association
Owners, please explore our website for all types of helpful information including current NSBC news and newsletters, all printable association forms, our governing rules and other documents, meeting agendas and minutes, and various activity schedules.
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Friday News Flash for March 22, 2019
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2019 Comments (0)
Dan Thron reports that he is still accepting names from owners interested in serving on the board of directors per the following announcement:
Due to the resignation of Frank Hodits a vacancy now exists on the NSBC Board of Directors. Any owner who wishes to fill this existing vacancy please submit your name and any additional information in support of your consideration to our Property Manager Dan Thron on or before 29 March 2019.
On March 22, board president Joe Diorio submitted notes on the landscaping project to be added to the website.  Joe’s notes along with two renditions of landscaping are shown below in the updated Renovation Article. 
On March 20th, Joe sent an email message to registered owners, addressing the transition for the new members of the Board of Directors.  He also mentioned that the detailed results of the board election as well as the voting on the budgetary surplus and document amendments will soon be posted on our NSBC website (to the secure Board Activities List page).  The corresponding documents have been submitted to Southwest for posting to our website, which generally takes another 4-5 workdays to complete the request. 
If you didn’t receive Joe’s email on the 20th, click this LINK to view a copy.  You can make sure Southwest has your email and current address information by contacting Deanna Murphy at Southwest (  There is an “owner information” form available on the Printable Forms Page of this website that can be used to report any owner information to Deanna.
Dan also mentions that owners should be aware of the potential for fire hazard if their clothes dryer vent has not been cleaned in a considerable period of time.  Dan is willing to keep a list of owners interested in having their vents cleaned professionally by Lint-Be-Gone, Inc.   If you are interested in getting a group discount price to have your vent cleaned, call Dan at 239-793-1623 so that Dan can inquire about a discounted price.  If you wish to call Lint-Be-Gone yourself, the phone number is 239-571-9028.  Their normal price for dryer vent cleaning is $90.
Dan has received a number of questions related to the coupon books sent out by Southwest recently.  Southwest indicates that all owners were mailed coupon books even if they are signed up for RevoPay.  The use of coupon books is not required if you have registered with RevoPay for automatic electronic payment.  RevoPay instructions are included on the FAQ page of this website.
NSBC Renovation
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2019 Comments (0)
Note from Joe Diorio, President:
Landscape Renovation Update                                                                                                        March 22, 2019
The renovation of the landscape at individual buildings is underway and will continue in a sequential manner (i.e. starting at Building A, then Buildings  B,C,D,E….etc. The procedure is to first prepare the planting area (removal of old plants etc) followed by placement of topsoil and minor grading. Irrigation is next, then planting of trees, shrubs, ground covers, and sod. Lastly, the irrigation system is checked and fine-tuned for proper operation, and mulch is placed and raked out.
The renovation of the landscape at the property entranceways commenced this week.  Diseased pines and other trees requiring removal in accordance with County codes are being taken out. Grading is expected to begin next week, with landscape and irrigation to follow immediately thereafter. 
Trees that are practical to transplant from the entranceways and from throughout the property (mostly cabbage palms) are being harvested and re-purposed for visual buffering in the areas surrounding the Clubhouse and along Marlin Drive.  These areas lost many trees to Hurricane Irma, which weakened the pines and allowed beetles and fungus to set in, resulting in decline and death of the tree.
Got Questions?
PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH WORKERS ON SITE. Please direct any questions you may have to the Property Management Office 239-793-1623
A list will be made and directed to the appropriate person(S).  Questions received by end of business on Wednesday will be answered in the Friday newsflash.
The rendition of D building and the parking lot island landscaping is shown below.
Update for March 15:  The landscaping for the front entry ways was approved at the March 5 BOD meeting.  The rendition available above shows pillars with fencing, which were not yet approved as part of the landscaping.
Renovation Plan for Lighting
Posted on Oct 11th, 2018 Comments (0)
Attached to the link below is an enlargeable PDF showing the detailed plans for the recently accepted bid to upgrade lighting on our property.  The bid was accepted at a cost of $144,000 which was the lowest cost of the three bids submitted.
The following is some information on our new parking lot lighting.
The lights specified are called “sharp cutoff fixtures” and aim down and not out.
The raw light is filtered through mirrors and lenses before it goes out of the fixture to ensure its downward direction.
These will not shine in windows.
The average light through our parking is designed to be 2.33 foot candles, as shown on the plans.
The average light in a shopping center is more than double that at 5.0 foot candles.
There is no code or specific guidelines for foot candles in a residential complex.  (except at the entrance where we meet a public right of way) Our engineer, Stafford, used the industry standard (and his experience) of approx. 2.5 foot candles to design our lighting.
With this level of light it will be difficult to read a newspaper but you can probably make out headlines pretty clearly.
For reference, a full moon on a clear night, is about .5 foot candles.
The total height of the lights will be 23’.  The concrete base will be 3’ above grade and the actual pole will be 20’.
Pool Renovation Plans
Posted on Jul 20th, 2018 Comments (0)
Update as of November 9, 2018:
This is a note from Dee Brandt related to the pool renovation project:
Work on the small pool renovation resumed on Monday Nov 5 with the delivery of pavers. Laborers began preparing the site on Tuesday, Nov 6.
We expect the small pool with extended deck area will be complete for Season. We are confident that the deck extension will accommodate all who wish to use it.
Work on the large pool will begin once the small pool is finished. Please be aware that renovations and landscaping may continue into the Season. We apologize for any inconvenience and remind you that full time owners and annual tenants have endured several improvement projects, including termite tenting, for several months since Irma.
Please be gracious and understanding with the process.
Original information:  Re-posted from archives on October 1, 2018, by request.
If you have been waiting to see preliminary drawings for some of the renovation projects for our property, links to the first two pool drawings are included  here.  Click the first red link below to see the detailed plans for the small pool and area planting plan,  and the second link to show the large pool deck and retaining wall plan.  When you open the links, you can print or enlarge to better see the plan details.
The other project proposals being worked on at this point, are a design plan for electrical lighting, and drawings and specifications for elevated boardwalks to the large pool and a footbridge to the small pool.  More information will be posted here as it becomes available over the next few months. 
Our On-Site Property Manager
Posted on Apr 12th, 2018 Comments (0)
 Dan Thron, our on-site Property Manager.
Updated November 15, 2018:
An IMPORTANT REMINDER:  As our on-site property manager, Dan Thron is your primary contact for any association issues.  He is on-site during daytime hours, Mon-Fri. After hours: to reach someone for emergent issues such as leaks, broken pipes, elevators, or any issue that poses harm to person or property please call Southwest Property Management (239-261-3440) who will then contact Dan.  If you do not receive a timely response from SW, please contact a Board Member. No emergent situation should be delayed.  Also, for emergencies such as fire, any criminal activity or medical need should be reported to the proper authorities immediately (911).
 While Dan will generally be on-site week days from 9-4, he may be in and out of the office.  Scheduled office hours are 10-11 Mon, Wed and Thurs, at which time rental and guest parking permits can be picked up.  (Owner parking permits will continue to be available from Bill Spencer, phone or text (502) 235-6233.)  For all questions related to the management of our property, contact Dan at (239) 793-1623.  ARC requests should be emailed to Dan.  His email address is  Guest forms should be emailed to Raquel Vieira at  Fees, assessments, sales/lease applications and other forms should continue to go directly to Southwest at Southwest Property Management, 1044 Castello Dr, Suite 206, Naples, FL 34103.
Address Changes
Posted on Jul 14th, 2017 Comments (0)
Updated March 21, 2019:
For seasonal address changes for association mailings, or for permanent changes, along with current email addresses, Deanna Murphy at Southwest is happy to help and will make sure association mailings are sent to your new address promptly.  Simply call Deanna at (239) 261-3440 ext. 125 or email Deanna at to change your address.  Many seasonal residents will contact Deanna twice each year.
Save Our Sandpiper Wetlands Project
Posted on May 1st, 2017 Comments (0)
Update to this topic (January 18, 2019).  Earlier this month we became aware that the previous agreement between the Hacks and Winfield was terminated.  Now there appears to be a builder with some unknown interest in the wetlands property.  This builder has reportedly said that unless the property is sold for $750,000 (which seems unlikely), he plans to develop the property.  (Keep in mind that 6 living units remain on an original permit.)  However it is also known that the southern third of the 27 acres (south of the intersection of Sandpiper and Sheepshead Dr.) is in a permanent conservation easement.  Whether the remaining 18 or so acres can be permitted to be developed continues to be an open question.
Update to this topic (November 16, 2018).  At their November 13 meeting, the County Commissioners again discussed the proposal for Conservation Collier to purchase this property, and agreed to study the proposal and give it further consideration.
Update to this topic (August 3, 2018).  The latest news regarding the Sandpiper Wetlands comes from Alexandra Sulecki from Conservation Collier.  Alex reports that Conservation Collier’s offer to purchase the Hack property (Sandpiper Wetlands) has been rejected.  Mr. Winfield felt the offer was not enough.  (The April 24 Conservation Collier Approved Acquisition List showed the approved estimated value to be $108,000.)  Alex indicates that Conservation Collier does not negotiate, and does not offer more than the appraised value.  The offer has expired and is no longer active. 
Update to this topic (April 24th, 2018).   Great news!  The Collier County Board of Commissioners approved the acquisition of the Sandpiper wetlands property as their top priority.  It appears that the acquisition will move forward with an appraisal and the negotiation of the purchase price with the owner.
Update to this topic (April 10th, 2018).  The committee meeting took place on April 9th, and the Sandpiper Street wetlands was top priority on their list of recommended acquisitions which will now go to the Board of Commissioners for consideration at their regular April 24 Board meeting.

The Conservation Collier Land Acquisition Advisory Committee (CCLAAC) will be meeting in a public meeting on Monday , April 9th at 9:00 am in the Commission chambers to rank properties and develop their recommended Active Acquisition List for Conservation Collier’s 9th cycle

Once the Acquisition List is compiled, it will go to the Board for approval at the Board’s regular meeting at the County Courthouse on April 24th.  Upon approval, acquisition will proceed in the priority of the adopted list.

You may have heard that a local developer has acquired a three year option to purchase the 27 acres of wetlands, adjacent to our NSBC property, which runs from the corner of Marlin Drive and Sandpiper Street down to the end of Sandpiper Street and along Haldeman Creek.  This property was originally a part of the 40 acre site that was the beginning of our NSBC development.  After our 13 buildings were built, the developer split off and deeded to NSBC the 13 acres that currently makes up our property.  That left the 27 acres that many of us thought would always remain preserved mangrove wetlands.  (See "More" for the whole story on SOS Wetlands progress)

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